Portax SKA-Flame Red 2019 19-006

Portax SKA-Flame Red 2019 19-006

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Super slick to tow – lots of  room for horses and tack!

This 2019 Böckmann Portax SKA-Flame Red Polyester Roof and Front Bow is the Perfect Trailer for heading to shows, clinics or trails.
Anodized Aluminum panel walls, Anodized aluminum Floor, Galvanized steel frame and chassis, WCF Chassis, Rear Door-ramp Combo

2 horse, Straight Load – 18 hands; LTW: 215Lbs, Internal height 7’7″, Total Length, 15’6″


The Portax SKA-Flame Red – marries the cupboard idea of the Big Master with more convenience in the swivel out saddle racks that hold both Western and English saddles.

The Portax SKA-Flame Red – lets you access your saddles from the external cupboard door, and bridles, grooming items etc, from the inner stall door. Perfect for a rainy day!  The SKA version will accommodate the 18hh warm blood, but also benefits the larger QH cross used for trail or cattle sorting. Need a trailer you can have alongside the event field- this is a great choice!

This Portax SKA  – offers all the Portax features Böckmann owners love:

A panoramic front window for the horses, a roof vent that draws in the air, lateral sliding windows and the rear canvas various settings, all control the rate the air exits the trailer.  Anodized aluminum extruded panels that enclose an insulating air pocket will keep your horses warm in cool weather and cool in summer. The aluminum panel floor also prevents road heat from cooking your horse in the summer. A rubber mat is entirely glued to the floor and sealed at the walls to prevent mold growth. The polyester roof reflects the sun’s heat, and offers the flashy colour options such as this Flame Red. The robust galvanized steel chassis provides strength and durability. Most favorite feature is the rear Door-ramp combination. You can switch from rear ramp entry to a step-up with the pull of a pin!


Stall features:

The integrated rubber safety treads on the rear ramp prevent horse or rider slipping during inclement weather.  Release the stall bars from outside the trailer using the MSS external release system, in the event of an emergency.  Trailer tie rings, hay net hangers, lots of light and air allow you to create a safe comfortable space for your horses. The bright white interior leaves no dark corners, creating a welcoming space. The 7’7″ internal height keeps an open feel to the trailer. The stall bars are easily adjustable to tailor the stall length to suit your horse. Each stall central panel can swing left or right to increase the entry for the first horse loaded. Or swing away a panel and tack-up on the trailer.

Suspension Advantages

The WCF Suspension is at the elite car standard – rare to find on a horse trailer! Coil spring suspension connected to trailing arms with rubber dampers and added shocks mean your horse has a smooth ride! Leave the road chatter at the road and reduce trailer fatigue with the WCF suspension trailers.


This unit has the Flame Red Polyester Roof and Front Bow, and Small Andalusian Decor
Anodized Aluminum panel walls, Anodized aluminum Floor, Galvanized steel frame and chassis, WCF Chassis, Rear Door-ramp Combo

2 horse – 18 hands;  Internal Height: 7’7″ ; Two 33″ wide stalls.  Loaded Tongue Weight: 215Lbs
Two way access to the Saddle Chest, broom, shovel, mirror

Standard Features

Anodized Aluminum panel walls & floor with rubber mat – sealed and glued,
WCF-Plus shock/coil spring suspension system.
Rear -Door Ramp Combination
Böckmann’s famous 5′ rubber ramps with integrated safety treads
Integrated locking coupler plus spare wheel and cover, wheel chocks stored under the chassis.
Air vent in roof,
Panoramic window,
Sliding window on each side of horse stall,
External Release Multi-Safe System for chest and rear bars
1 Groom/Escape Door to the Curb side.
Foam bar covers on chest bars, stall wall/divider padding,
Adjustable rear bars,
2 hay net hooks,
Storm canvas flap with integrated wind screen above rear ramp
Central post with swinging stall divider panels

SKA Saddle chest accessible from outside the trailer as well as from the stall. Swiveling saddle racks that can be locked into position, hooks, blanket bar, mirror and small storage net.


Flame Red roof and front bow
English/Western Saddle Storage
Small Andalusian Decor

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